Dyscalculia Screenings for children and adults

A screening for dyscalculia does not provide a diagnosis but will give valuable information about the likelihood of dyscalculia or specific difficulties in maths being present.

What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a specific difficulty with maths. It is not just about not knowing number facts or struggling with concepts, but instead is a difficulty with the very foundations of number sense – things like knowing the magnitude of numbers, counting forwards and backwards, estimation. Alongside maths difficulties, students might have real anxiety about maths – whether that is in school, doing homework or doing exams.

What do I provide?

I am able to offer a screening for dyscalculia, but not a full diagnosis. The screening for dyscalculia would look into the types of difficulties that you or your child might be experiencing and will ascertain if they ‘match’ the difficulties which are observed in dyscalculia. The screening also provides a short report with a summary of strengths and weaknesses, suggested teaching strategies and recommendations for home.

What will happen in a Dyscalculia screening?

Unlike a dyslexia screening, there are not really purpose-built screeners for dyscalculia, so I have developed my set of activities to explore the symptoms of dyscalculia.

My screening process involves games, standardised testing and more informal observations, as well as questionnaires provided before the assessment to gather background information.

The whole screener will take between 1-2 hours.

A client writes...

“So very pleased that we took our daughter here. Jenny is lovely and very professional, she made our daughter feel at ease throughout the assessment and was extremely thorough. COVID-19 provisions have been put in place and it is a safe and comfortable environment. The report was prompt, detailed and has given us the information we need to move forward with our daughter’s education. We would definitely recommend.

— H, Fareham


Dyscalculia Screener (with report) - £100

If you would like to add a dyscalculia screener onto a dyslexia assessment, I will charge £40 for the supplementary testing and additions to the report.