Dyslexia Tutoring
for all ages

I am a qualified Specialist Teacher and offer tutoring for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia.

Due to an increase in the number of assessment enquiries, I am currently not able to offer any tutoring slots and my waiting list is full. Please see the PATOSS Tutoring page for alternative tutors

A dyslexia assessment is only the start. To make the most of the report I offer tutoring, working with students from 5-18, to fill gaps and address difficulties, and to stretch and challenge.

I'll teach you how to spell, how to increase your reading accuracy, how to write essays, how to make numbers more understandable, how to remember what you read, how to recall your times tables, typing skills, how to manage your working memory, how to improve your creative writing, understand grammar - and always get your full stops in the right place!

What is covered in a session?

Each session is planned based on a person’s individual needs. I also try and plan around interests (for children) or workplace/study skills (for adults). Before tutoring, I will carry out some informal assessments so that I know where to start teaching from – these will also help form the basis of targets, which will be fully explained to you/your child. I teach using multi-sensory methods, which help to aid engagement and recall.

A typical session will look like this:

  • A starter/warm up activity
  • A number of mini activities (usually between 5-6)
  • A plenary/recap of the learning covered.

Areas that we may cover include reading, writing, maths, spelling, phonics, phonological awareness, sequencing, study skills, reading comprehension, memory strategies and creative writing, although if you have something specific you would like to learn, contact me and I will try and help!

Here are some examples of activities I have delivered online…

Pricing - £45 per hour.

How long is a session?

Sessions last 50 minutes, with a 5-minute time for feedback at the end of the session if required (this can also be done via email).

Where is tutoring delivered?

At the current time, I am only offering online tutoring sessions and I do have a waiting list for after school slots.

Unsure if you have Dyslexia?

Come for a screening - £50, and you get £25 towards an assessment

A client writes...

THANK YOU for always believing in me, all the time.

— C, Hedge End

General tutoring

I also offer general EYFS, KS1, KS2 & KS3 tutoring. This tutoring can include subjects such as English, Maths and Science. Unlike the specialist tuition, we will not work on targets and instead work on National Curriculum objectives.

Pricing - £35 per hour

For more information on the difference between specialist and general tuition please see my blog.