Evaluations of Need

With the current social distancing measures in place, an interim Evaluation of Need can provide evidence for Disabled Students' Allowance.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, to avoid delays to the provision of support and finding through the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance), the Student Loan Company has decided that applicants who do not have a full and valid assessment for specific learning difficulties can have an online, interim Evaluation of Need to be accepted as evidence for DSA.

This assessment does not provide a diagnosis, but instead gives an idea of the impact of your difficulties on your studies. The EoN will also give recommendations for reasonable adjustments.

When the restrictions for assessments have lessened, ‘top up’ assessments will be offered to convert your Evaluation of Need to a full Dyslexia Assessment.

Remote Evaluations of Need will be accepted for applications up to and including 30th June 2021.

What will happen in an Evaluation of Need?

Before the assessment, you will be given a set of questionnaires to fill in. If you would prefer, the questionnaires can be filled in over the phone. You will also be asked to sign an agreement to guarantee test security.

The assessment will be carried out over Zoom or Google Meet, and information will be sent to you about this.

On the day of the assessment, a number of tasks will be administered. There will always be a chance for breaks if needed. The tests cover:

  • A discussion of the difficulties that you are having at university.
  • A test of phonological processing speed.
  • Tests of reading, writing and spelling.
  • If needed, screeners for dyspraxia or ADHD.

In all, an assessment should take between 1-2 hours. You will receive your report ready to submit to the DSA in the following 2 weeks.

A client writes...

“Jenny provided a very comfortable and accommodating environment to carry out the assessment. She was very helpful and encouraging whilst carrying out the long process of different tests and gave useful insights into what I was struggling with at the end. I would definitely recommend Jenny for anyone who wants to find out more about their SPLD condition.

— I, Poole


Evaluations of Need (age 16+) - £200

"Top up" assessment to a full dyslexia assessment - £180 at my premises, £250 if travelling within 50 miles